Re: [OPE-L] Non equilibrium & Austrians

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2007 - 08:10:42 EDT

> C&C`s statistical equilibrium is too a never ended phenomenon. Thatís 
> because in any form of economic organization what constitute the primary 
> data are on women and mení minds.

Hi Alejandro:

I don't think that's necessarily the case:  knowledge of economic data 
certainly wasn't on peoples' minds in all pre-capitalist modes of production
(the reality of economic calculation had to be historically brought into being, 
it was not simply a given).  While it's true that in capitalist society, the 
primary data are on _some_ people's mind,  most people are only dimly 
and incompletely aware of that data and its meaning.  

How are workers in a socialist society made aware of the primary data?
Isn't there the possibility of information overload?  Alternatively, if data
is selectively disseminated, isn't there the possibility of a technocratic 
elite emerging?

In solidarity, Jerry

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