[OPE-L] Idiot Perle on what the US couldda wouldda shouldda mightadone in Iraq

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Wed Apr 18 2007 - 17:08:21 EDT

Another guy I really hate is Richard Perle. Here's a clip from his most
recent interview, a real no-brainer:

Alexandria, Va.: You began this chat by saying that the occupation was a
seminal error, and yet you insist we cannot leave Iraq honorably until the
Iraqis are capable of governing themselves. Are these positions not
contradictory? Had we withdrawn from Iraq as soon as practicable (presumably
sometime in the summer of 2003) would Iraq not have descended into the same
kind of chaos it currently suffers?

Richard Perle: I think not but can't prove it. (When you make a film you can
shoot the scene over, but not in real life). Seriously, the occupation as it
once existed is over and ended with a very moving election in which Iraqis
risked their lives to vote (in higher percentages than we do.)


Princeton, N.J.: You say we should have left Iraq right after Saddam's fall.
Will you please explain to me who would have run the country and with what
forces? Why would not Sunnis fight Shia, and Kurds fight Arabs and Turks?

Richard Perle: I did not say we should have left but that we should have
handled political authority to the Iraqis. We could have remained to assist
them. Remember, there was no insurgency for four months. Could an imterim
Iraqi government, made up of all social and confessional groups, acted to
provent an insurgency? We will never know. But we do know what the
occupation was not a brilliant success.


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