Re: [OPE-L] Wolfowitz's world

From: Patrick Bond (pbond@MAIL.NGO.ZA)
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 18:20:20 EDT

Jerry Levy wrote:
> Yeah, if he stays then that should be seen as conclusive proof concerning
> the "ethical" standards of the WB and, by implication, the US government:

No Jerry, I insist this is the trivial part, reflecting prurient US
culture. (Hey I grew up in 'Bama, I know and feel your pain.)

It's imperialism's uses of the WB that we should be working harder to

> ... In any event, even if
> he does "resign", he'd just be replaced with another Bushite.
Oh no. Someone has gone ahead and said the unsayable. In a comment for
UK daily The Independent, columnist Bruce Anderson has called for
Wolfowitz to be replaced with none other than UN-wrecker John Bolton.

Anderson, a self-proclaimed Wolfowitz backer when his name was first put
forward in 2005, says Wolfowitz has lost the moral authority to lead in
the fight against corruption: "A speech by Paul Wolfowitz on corruption.
Imagine. Shuffling feet and downcast eyes while he was at the rostrum:
as soon as he left the room, derisive laughter. He cannot stay on. Every
African dictator will now be summoning his juju men to cast their spells
to keep him in post, and impotence. His friends should work their magic
to persuade him to depart with dignity."

Those who would like to see the institution truly go up in flames will
surely cheer on his pick for Wolfowitz's replacement: "In the short run,
there is an obvious candidate to succeed Mr Wolfowitz: another neo-con,
the former UN Ambassador, John Bolton. No-one ever accused him of
lacking grip. Nor is he overburdened with sentimentality. Confronted
with obstruction or incompetence, he uses his temper as a bulldozer. Mr
Bolton is the man the World Bank needs, and deserves."

Jeff Powell ~ April 16, 2007

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