[OPE-L] Survey of Students' Perceptions of Economics

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 10:21:09 EDT

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Survey on Students' Perceptions of Economics

An international survey is being undertaken into students' perceptions
of economics. It is being conducted by Andrew Mearman (UWE, Bristol)
and Tim Wakeley (Griffith University, Australia). The major goal of the
survey is to ascertain students' perception of the economics discipline
and to identify factors which influence those perceptions. We believe
the results may be highly useful in informing strategies in curriculum
design aimed at improving recruitment, retention and overall
satisfaction with economics.

We seek the co-operation of economists in alerting students to this
survey and encouraging students to take part. The survey will cover
mainly UK, US and Australian students, however it is open to students
in other countries. We are interested in the views of any students
about to complete or who have recently completed any economics or
economics-based (including business and finance) modules. Please
encourage any eligible students to complete the survey. All students
taking part will have the option to enter a prize draw to win an iPod.

The survey is completed online. Students wishing to complete the survey
should go to http://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/ltsn/perceptions.

We should also like to make a special request to UK heterodox
economists who have recently/are currently running modules which have a
significant heterodox content, where 'heterodox' might include a
pluralist approach and/or specific heterodox approaches. We should like
to conduct small focus groups on the effectiveness of heterodox
economic concepts in understanding real world issues. Each focus group
would comprise around 5 students, all of whom would be paid. The focus
groups would take place in the period April-June. If you are interested
in recruiting focus groups from your student groups, please contact
Andrew Mearman (Andrew.Mearman@uwe.ac.uk).



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