[OPE-L] Interview about 'Build it Now' on Co-Op Radio in Vancouver

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Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 20:40:06 EDT

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Subject: Interview about 'Build it Now' on Co-Op Radio in Vancouver
From:    "michael a. lebowitz" <mlebowit@sfu.ca>

For anyone interested in hearing an interview about 'Build it Now',
which ranges over topics like capitalism, anti-capitalism, Marx,
human development, state, party, USSR, Yugoslavia, Cuba and, of
course, Venezuela, it is available now at www.rabble.ca along with
much other interesting material including archives from other
recorded segments on 'Redeye', the excellent news and discussion
programme on Vancouver Co-Operative Radio. The interview, which is
about a half hour, can be heard on line or downloaded as an mp3 file.
        in solidarity,
Michael A. Lebowitz
Professor Emeritus
Economics Department
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C., Canada V5A 1S6

Currently based in Venezuela.
Can be reached at
Residencias Anauco Suites
Departamento 601
Parque Central, Zona Postal 1010, Oficina 1
Caracas, Venezuela
(58-212) 573-6333, 571-1520, 571-3820 (or hotel cell: 0412-200-7540)
fax: (58-212) 573-7724

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