Re: [OPE-L] The Use-Value & SNLT Question

From: Paul Cockshott (wpc@DCS.GLA.AC.UK)
Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 11:35:26 EDT

I have done it in two ways.

In case 1 I assume that wages have already equated different levels of
skill and just divide the 
wage bill of each industry by the national average wage.

In more detailed calculations I have used sources other than the I/O
tables to obtain
hourly wage rates for each industry and then worked back from the wage
bill of each
industry to the hours actually worked. In this case one is saying that
even if one
industry has more skilled labour than another we are treating an hour in
each industry
as being the same - ie, we are trying to go back to clock hours. 

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How in the world do you measure SNLT in practice?  Do you take wage
rates as an
indicator of multiples of abstract labor?  Do blacks or women represent
less SNLT?

Or do you just assume that all hours of labor are equal?
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