Re: [OPE-L] Andrew Kliman's wikipedia article on TSSI

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Mon Apr 09 2007 - 09:56:49 EDT

> Well actually Kliman completely "murdered" the original short wiki entry I
> wrote (except for the references, though he took out some). Not only that,
> he also hacked through the entry for David Laibman the musician, as
> distinct from David Laibman the economist,

Hi Jurriaan:

Wow.   I looked through the revisions, but didn't see any editing by
Kliman for  David the musician.

The way Kliman tells it, it makes it sound as if David's most important
contribution to political economy was his engagement with the TSSI.
I guess this reflects Kliman's world view concerning the "Copernican"
advance in thought that the TSSI allegedly represents:  thus David is
portrayed as a sort of Newtonian (or flat-earther)  with a guitar.

Some of his noteworthy changes to the entry for the TSSI include:

o  references to "censorship" and "suppression";

o  his claim about what  "in recent years, even critics of Marx, and/or the
    TSSI, have come to accept ... either explicitly or implicitly" and what
    is  "no longer seriously challenged";

o  his repeatedly plugging (and quoting once from) his own book in the body
    of the entry!

o  a section on "TSSI Refutations" [will he edit  the entries on Okishio and
    von Bortkiewicz next?]

o  his lauding of the "online scholarly journal" _Critique of Political
    Economy_  even though there hasn't been a single issue!

> and rewrote part of the entry on Marxian economics to fit with TSSI
> doctrine...

Yes, he's also edited the transformation problem entry.

I can't say that I find any of his recent actions to be surprising, though.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: Maybe he'll start a wikipedia biography for me: it might begin (this was
an  actual quote from his homepage):  "I call him the Levite because, just
as  the Levites were servants of the priests in the Temple in Jerusalem,
Gerald ('The Levite') Levy serves as the water boy / attack dog for the
'Marxist Economists'".    I think this is quite an accomplishment - being
both  a  'water boy' _and_ an 'attack dog'!  Surely, such a talent
deserves recognition!

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