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From: Alejandro Valle Baeza (valle@SERVIDOR.UNAM.MX)
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glevy@PRATT.EDU wrote:

>>If I understand wikipedia correctly, should I choose, I could get into a
>>fight over anything, TSSI in this case, by simply editing the existing
>>entry and then another person could edit my editing, etc. and, like wow!
>> Yet, no one would know WHO edited what.  It's offensive, as far as I am
>>concerned, if I understand things at wikipedia correctly (anyone: please
>>correct me if I am wrong about its process).
>Hi Paul Z:
>If someone was really interested in the evolution of an entry, then
>s/he could click on 'history' at the top of the page.  Many controversial
>entries also have content under 'discussion' and there can be a warning in
>the page that what has been written has not been authenticated and is
>controversial.  The identity of authors can be cryptic, however, and it's
>not always easy to identify who is the author of what.  But, yes, if you
>wanted to, you (or anyone else) who has an account with them can sign in
>and edit the TSSI or other entries.
>In solidarity, Jerry
>PS to Jurriaan: did you notice the (4/6) comment by Kliman that he "added
>material on what the TSSI is really about, corrected major
>misstatements ...."?
Metroeconomica 55:1 (2004) 96-114
Roberto Veneziani*
London School of Economics and Political Sciences and
Università degli Studi di Siena
(October 2002; revised November 2002)
The temporal single-system (TSS) quantitative approach to Marx's
economics is analysed. It is shown
that TSS models lack a clear equilibrium concept and a coherent
(dis)equilibrium methodology, and
that Marx's propositions on value and exploitation are tautologically
obtained (i) by constructing a
money costs theory of value, where by assumption values are equal to
market prices, apart possibly
from short-run deviations; and (ii) by arbitrarily assuming that the
undefined monetary expression of
labour time is positive. In general, the shortcomings of the analytical
framework make TSS claims,
including the proofs of the law of the tendential fall in the profit
rate, unwarranted.

Does any body know if there is a response of  the TSS followers to this
critic? By the way Steedman suport this critic to TSS.

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