Re: [OPE-L] questions on the interpretation of labour values

From: Diego Guerrero (diego.guerrero@CPS.UCM.ES)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 07:10:26 EDT

> My Dear Diego, You have absolutely no idea how I
> think. On this list I don't reveal how I think. I oly
> expose illogical mumbo-jumbo parading as Marx's
> theory. But to let you know a "secrete": I'm the
> forest guy! And to shock you even further, Sraffa was
> the one genuine forest guy economic professon has
> known! If you were in Paris and could come to College
> de France on the 4th, you will get to hear that. Any
> way, these findings will be revealed in papers and not
> over exchanges on ope-l. You have no idea how
> difficult it is to think of economics in terms of
> forest--it's like quantum mechanics, which is not so
> easy as to take aggregate money as given etc. Cheers,
> ajit sinha

Hi, Ajit:

I am happy that Sraffa and you are the real forest guys! But I am sure that
you are more expert than Sraffa in the sidetracking know-how.
I still believe that if you say that the only way of interpreting M = P*Q is
that one must know P before knowing M, this is a sample of methological
individualism in a general sense. We are not referring to actions nor agents
indeed, but I insist that we must look at the forest (M) before looking at
the trees (the P).


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