Re: [OPE-L] Proposition #5

From: ajit sinha (sinha_a99@YAHOO.COM)
Date: Wed Mar 14 2007 - 11:08:17 EDT

--- Jerry Levy <Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM> wrote:

> Hi Ajit:
> We seem to be held up on some points.  I have asked
> myself why and I think I now know the answer -- for
> which I thank you.  In this dialogue I sought to
> first
> define basic terms and make some simple stipulations
> in the hope
> that we could put "on the table" what we could
> agree on before
> moving to other topics.  Thus, I have purposely
> avoided
> mentioning  and  explaining  VALUE  yet.  I was
> planning on getting
> to that  topic, of  course, but not  right away.   I
> thought, instead,
> that we could approach in stages that subject by
> first discussing
> related topics (commodities, money, wage-labor,
> etc.) so that
> value could be grasped in relation to those topics.
> > That's one thing but to deduce from it that all
> the
> > wealth owned by the capitalist is produced by
> > wage-labor is wrong. Land is wealth and could be
> owned
> > by the capitalist but in no case is produced by
> > wage-labor.
> I agree with that: not all wealth is produced by
> human labor
> nor by wage-labor.  Indeed, that's a point I have
> made many
> times on this list.  The reason  wanted to deal
> initially with only
> wealth produced by wage-labor is because I didn't
> want at this
> stage of my discussion with you to distinguish
> wealth from
> VALUE.  I was quite aware of the (over-)
> simplification that I
> was making but made that (over-)  simplification
> anyway for the
> purpose _only_ of discussion.  I now see that was a
> mistake.
> Thanks.
> I'll give your other comments some thought.  But,
> more
> importantly, I'll have to re-think the sequence in
> which the
> propositions have been made and WHEN the subjects
> that
> will be more controversial related to labor and
> value are
> first presented.  So, I'm not cutting-off the
> exchange but rather
> putting it temporarily on hold.  I did say that we
> would proceed
> *slowly*, as you will recall.
> In solidarity, Jerry
Perfectly fine with me. Take your time. ajit

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