[OPE-L] 15th international rosa luxemburg conference

From: Dogan Goecmen (Dogangoecmen@AOL.COM)
Date: Sun Mar 11 2007 - 10:14:24 EDT

15. International Rosa Luxemburg  Conference 
April 1, -- 2,  2007 
P R O G R A M (provisional,  provisorisch) 
March  31, 2007  (Saturday, Samstag) 
Arriving of the Participants -- Einreise der  Teilnehmer/innen 
Registration  at Juraku Hotel from 15:00 
Dinner and Meeting for the briefing of the  Conference at Juraku Hotel   
April 1, (Sunday, Sontag)   
10:00-10:30  (Chair: Prof. Hideshige Arisawa )   
Opening  of the Conference:  Greetings from co-organizers  
Welcome  greeting from Chuo University   
Greeting from International Rosa Luxemburg  Society: Pro. Narihiko Ito 
Greeting from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung: Frau Dr.  Evelin Wittich 
10:30--11:30  Keynote Speech  
Prof. Michael R. Krätke (Niederland) : Rosa  Luxemburg’s explanation of 
imperialism and contribution to the critic of  political economy  
Prof.  Isabel Loureiro (Brazil):  Aktualität von Rosa Luxemburgs ideen aus 
einem brasilianischen Sichtpunkt   
11:30--12:00  Comment (Prof. Toshimichi Matsuoka) and  Discussion 
12:00--13:00  Lunch  
13:00--14:45  Session 1. (Chair: Prof. Hoshino, Chuo Univ.) 
Session 1. Rosa Luxemburg's concept of democracy  and socialism  
1.  Prof. Wang Xuedong (China, Beijing):  Der Zustand von Rosa Luxemburg – 
Studien in China. 
2. Prof. Pablo Slavin (Argentine): Rosa  Luxemburg's concept of democracy.  
3. Prof. Alxander Vatlin (Russia): Rosa Luxemburgs  Demokratiekonzept 
4.  Prof. Sobhanlal Datta Gupta (India):  Understanding of socialism as 
Hegemony--Rosa Luxemburg and Nikolai  Bukharin. 
5. Prof. Li-hong Pan (China, Guangzhou): Rosa  Luxemburg and Mao Zedong 
6.  Frau Dr. Ulla Plener (Germany, Berlin):  Rosa Luxemburg und Lenin – Nur  
7.  Tania Storlökken (Norway): Did Rosa Luxemburg have her own revolutionary 
view  before the Russian revolution of 1905-06?   
14:45--15:15  Comment (Prof. Kato, Hitotsubashi Univ.)  and Discussion  
15:15--15:30  Coffee Break 
15:30--17:15 (Chaier: Prof. Hozumi, Aichi  Univ.) 
Session 2. Rosa Luxemburg vs. Globalized  capitalism 
1.  Prof. György Szell (Germany, Osnabrück): Rosa Luxemburg und der 
globalisierte  Kapitalismus heute.   
2.  Prof. He Ping (China, Wuhan): Rosa  Luxemburg's "Accumulation of Capital" 
and China.   
3.  Dr. Fritz Weber (Austria,  Wien): 
4.  Prof. Zhang Zhiyao (China, Yangzhou):  How RL looks at Marxism and 
5.  Prof. Stefan Hochstadt (Germany):  Die Demokratie im 21 Jahrhundert. 
Governance vs. Government 
6.  Prof.Zhao  kai-rong (China, Wuhan):  Marxism: how to face the challenge 
of nationalism? – The divergence and its  contemporary significance of Marx, 
Lenin and Luxemburg’s Thought on  nationalism. 
7.  Dr. Ingo Schmidt (Canada):  Class Composition, national identity and 
17:15--17:45  Comment (Prof. Hoshino, Osaka City Univ.) and  Discussion 
17:45--18:15  (Chair Prof. Izeki, Chuo Univ.)   
Session 3. New documents of/on Rosa  Luxemburg 
1. Herr Ottokar Luban (Germany, Berlin): Neu  entdeckte Reden Rosa Luxemburgs 
aus der Akten der Politischen Polizei  Berlin 
2.  Prof. Masaru Kobayashi & Narihiko Ito  (Japan)  New documents found in 
the process of the editing of New Complete Work of Rosa  Luxemburg 
18:30--20:30  Welcome Party  
April 2, (Monday Montag)   
10:00--11:30  (Chair Prof. Yamane, Yokohama City Univ.) 
Session 4. Many aspects of Rosa Luxemburg's  activities 
1.  Prof. Kornelia Hauser & Gundula Ludwig  (Austria):  Feminism, women's 
movement and Rosa  Luxemburg. 
2.  Prof. Zhou Shangwen (China, Shanghai)  Rosa Luxemburg’s contribution to 
Women’s  Movement. 
3. Prof. Zhang Wenhong (China, Beijing): Umfrage  über Rosa Luxemburg in 
4. Prof. Theodor Bergmann(Germany, Stuttgart): Frage der Beteiligung von 
Sozialisten an  der bürgerlichen Regierung.  
5. Prof. Michael Brie (Germany, Berlin): Isrt  sozialistische Politik aus der 
Regierung heraus  möglich? 
6.  Prof. Subhoranjan Dasgupta(India):  Rosa Luxemburg's Response to and 
critique of creativity and culture   
7.  Dr. Dogan Göcmen (England): Rosa  Luxemburg, the Legacy of Classical 
German Philosophy and Fundamental Question of  Social and Political Philosophy. 
11:45--12:15  Comment (Prof. Ohnuki, Gakushuin Univ.)  and Discussion 
12:30--13:30  Lunch  
13:30--14:20  Cultural Matinee: Actors of Tokyo Theater  Ensemble  
Reading of poems on Rosa Luxemburg and Rosa  Luxemburg's words  
14:30--17:30  (Chair Prof. Ito, Chuo Univ.) 
Panel Discussion on Actuality of Rosa  Luxemburg's ideas: 
Prof. Isabel Loureiro,  Prof. He Ping,  Prof. Michael  Krätke. 
Prof. Masao Nishikawa, Prof. Toshimichi Matuoka.   
15:50--16:10  Coffee Break 
17:30--18:00  Closing Session   
Farewell  Greeting from Chuo University   
Greeting from Rosa Luxemburg  Stiftung: 
Greeting from International Rosa Luxemburg  Society: 
18:30—20:00  Farewell  Dinner 
April 3. (Tuersday Dienstag)   
We  have a plan of one day bus tour to Nikko where is locating North-East of 
Tokyo  and belongs to the mountain area with beautiful landscape and famous 
old  „Toshogu Shrein“ (Bus-fee \5000 with lunch) 
*Those  who will have presentation at the Conference are requested to send 
one page  résumé with a brief profile as soon as possible and full text by the 
end of  February  to us (FYZ04763 @nifty.com  or ito@heiwa.net) 
*Diejenigen, die referieren werden, werden  gebeten, einseitige Resümee mit 
dem kurzen Profile so bald wie möglich und das  Text bis zum Ende Februar zu 
uns (FZY04763@nifty.com oder ito@heiwa.net) zu  schicken.. 
The cost of the hotel is \10,000 (ca.70 Euro, or  85 USD)/a day with 
The costs of the Conference are \20,000 (ca.140  Euro or 170 USD) for 3 days 
with meals and simultaneous translation during the  Conference. 
Das Hotel kostet \10,000 (ca. 70 Euro oder 85  USD)/1 Tag mit Frühstück.Die 
Tagung kostet \20,000 (ca. 140 Euro oder 170 USD)  drei Tage mit Mittag- und 
Abendessen während der Tagung und für die  Simultanübersetzung

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