[OPE-L] John Holloway and Michael Albert Debating the Post-Capitalist Future (DVD)

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Date: Sat Mar 10 2007 - 15:56:19 EST

<http://www.zmag.org/store/Details.cfm?ProdID=154&category=2Y 0,
                                Debating the Post-Capitalist Future

                              A Social Forum of the Americas panel with
Michael Albert & John Holloway. Michael
Albert, author of Parecon, Life After
Capitalism, and John Holloway, author of
Change the World With-out Taking Power,
debate alternative economic visions and
strategies. In the lively format of opening
statements, followed by a response and then
a response to the response, they appear to
have wildly different views about the future
and how to get there. But in the end they
find some common ground around values needed
for a better, more just society. Filmed in
January 2006 in Venezuela. 1:25 for debate
and responses; 35 minutes for Q&A; 6 minutes
for scenes from the America's Social Forum.
DVD only.

                              Price: $22.00

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