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Subject: Strange Liberators: Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit
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Llumina Press

Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit

By Gregory Elich
With an introduction by Michael Parenti and an afterword by Mickey Z.

From war and sanctions to corporate plunder and the looming threat of
climate change, the harrowing accounts in Gregory Elich's Strange
Liberators comprise an essential source for understanding today's
world. This is U.S. foreign policy as seen by those on the receiving

"Gregory Elich is the model investigative journalist of the anti-imperialist
left; tenacious, thorough, penetrating, meticulous and above all,
uncompromising. On Yugoslavia, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Iraq, no one
digs deeper, and no one uncovers more, than Elich."
Stephen Gowans, political commentator, What's Left

"Using a wealth of historic evidence and revelatory analysis, deep research
and eye-witness investigation, Gregory Elich treats what lawyers call the
'hard cases': Yugoslavia, Croatia, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and certain
untouched questions about Iraq, issues that have been most thoroughly
misrepresented in the corporate media and even by political commentators
and activists who claim to be on the left. Elich wastes no time with
genuflections to the dominant ideology. Instead he sticks to the awful facts
and glaring truths that compose the underlying reality of the U.S. global
empire. He ties in his deeply informed case studies to the wider issues of
U.S. imperial policy, the broader questions of war and peace, and the
general crisis that faces the entire world and the planet's ecology itself.
Thereby he performs a most valuable service to persons all across the
political spectrum."
Michael Parenti, author of The Culture Struggle, The Assassination of Julius
Caesar and To Kill a Nation

"For years, Gregory Elich has made his mark as a journalist-historian who
pairs a special literary flair with a talent for uncovering real time,
tightly held intelligence secrets. In this profoundly ominous time of
modern history, there are precious few contemporary writers who brook no
compromise with the truth. This volume stands tall, and the author is a
special breed."
Louis Wolf, publisher of Covert Action Quarterly

"Informed Americans know about their government's interventions into
Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. They know about the
violations of international law, the injustices, the lies, and the harm
caused by these actions. But the case of Yugoslavia tends to draw a blank.
Even worse, it tends to elicit support for this 'humanitarian' intervention.
Correcting this gross misunderstanding and distortion of history is one
reason among many for reading this book."
William Blum, author of Killng Hope and Rogue State

"Gregory Elich offers a clear and vital analysis of the goals of private
interests and their secret collusion with the Bush administration to cover
up a broad range of dangers, from war to global warming. Scholars,
researchers and the lay public interested in US foreign policy will find
this book both vital and illuminating."
Lenora Foerstel, Vice President of Women for Mutual Security and author of
Confronting the Margaret Mead Legacy

"Gregory Elich has dedicated himself to skillfully unearthing and
disseminating the information that typically goes unsaid. He provides us
with the well-researched fundamentals we cannot and should not expect to get
from our newspapers or televisions. Put another way, Elich teaches us to
identify the 'gates' that restrict our freedom of thought."
Mickey Z, author of The Seven Deadly Spins and 50 American Revolutions
You're Not Supposed to Know

"I have never read a book that educated me in such a plain and detailed
way about the means and methods of Western imperialism. The author
cuts right through all the theoretical discourse one could have on such
subjects and gets straight to the concrete information a person needs in
order to know how hegemonic power works in the current world order.
Elich does so with meticulous research and intriguing literary style. This
book is a demonstration of major insight by Mr. Elich to focus on some
of the most misunderstood places in the world, on exactly those things
that are most misunderstood about them, and how the powers that be
systematically generate these misunderstandings. The title is completely
fitting. Now I am always recommending it anytime and anywthere I get
the chance."
Netfa Freeman, Director of the Social Action and Leadership School for

"A great book; no amount of praise can do it justice."
Sam B, Natna blogspot

"A must read for all progressive people who want to strengthen their
understanding of contemporary imperialism."
Norman Markowitz, Political Affairs

"Even if the reader is one who already is critical or suspicious of
imperialism, the wealth of new information will open eyes yet further --
and even challenge many perceptions already held. Simply put, this is a
book not to be missed, and to be lent to all who will read it."
Macdonald Stainsby, Online journal

About the Author:

Gregory Elich is on the Board of Directors of the Jasenovac Research
Institute and on the Advisory Board of the Korea Truth Commission. His
articles have appeared in newspapers and periodicals across the world,
including the U.S., Canada, South Korea, Great Britain, France, Zimbabwe,
Yugoslavia, Russia, Denmark and Australia.

Publication:   Strange Liberators
Author:  Gregory Elich
ISBN:  1-59526-570-8
Pages:  424
Price:  $25.95
Size:    6x9

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