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|  Edu-Factory Manifesto
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Edu-Factory Manifesto

As was the factory, so now is the university. Where once the factory
was a paradigmatic site of struggle between workers and capitalists,
so now the university is a key space of conflict, where the ownership
of knowledge, the reproduction of the labour force, and the creation
of social and cultural stratifications are all at stake. This is to
say the university is not just another institution subject to
sovereign and governmental controls, but a crucial site in which
wider social struggles are won and lost.

To be sure, these changes occur as capitalism gives new importance to
the production of knowledge, and in the advanced capitalist world,
moves such production of knowledge to the centre of the economy. With
this movement, the university also loses its monopoly in this same
sphere of knowledge production. Perhaps it once made sense to speak
of town and gown. But now the borders between the university and
society blur.

This merging of university and society takes diverse forms. It can be
shaped by the pressure to market degrees. Or it can be forced by
measures that link the provision of funding to ‘technological
transfer’ or collaboration with ‘partners’ from government and/or
commercial enterprises. Similarly, the growing precariousness of
academic work means that many labour both in and out of the
university, not to mention the labour conditions for non-academic
workers. And the opening of many universities to previously excluded
cohorts of students, whether on the basis of social class or national
jurisdiction, means that their internal composition has also changed.
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