Re: [OPE-L] Sraffa's Contribution to Marxian Political Economy

From: ajit sinha (sinha_a99@YAHOO.COM)
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 13:27:05 EST

That's good to know. I would be interested in knowing
what Solow had to say. Sraffa is quite hot in Collège
de France this year as well! This year's public
lectures by Roger Guesnerie is on General
Equilibrium'. I have been asked to give the last
seminar of the series on 'Sraffa Critique'. A week
before me, Christian Bidard is giving a seminar on
'Debreu and Sraffa'. Cheers, ajit sinha
--- Jerry Levy <Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM> wrote:

> Saturday 9amThere was a very interesting panel at
> the Eastern Economics Association 2007
> Conference yesterday on this subject.  Riccardo was
> one of the presenters;
> Gary was a commentator (along with Robert Solow [!]
> and Ed Nell).  Other
> familiar comrades such as Gil Skillman and   Duncan
> Foley were also there.
> It may surprise some of you to hear that although I
> entered the room at
> 4:03 PM there was standing-room only in the packed
> room.  Although
> some of those attending were probably there
> primarily to hear Solow
> (although, I could be mistaken:  maybe they were
> there primarily to hear
> Riccardo?)  I think it's also clear that this was
> evidence that there was quite
> a bit of interest in both Sraffa and Marxian
> political economy.
> In solidarity, Jerry
> <Saturday, February 24, 4:00pm>
> Code B)
> Session Organizer: Scott Carter, The University of
> Tulsa (
> Session Chair: Ajit Zacharias, Levy Economics
> Institute of Bard College
> From "Pool of Profits" to Surplus and Deficit
> Industries: Archival Evidence on
> the Evolution of Piero Sraffa's Thought
> Scott Carter, The University of Tulsa
> (
> Commodities are Produced by Labour out of
> Commodities: Sraffa after Marx: an Open Issue
> Riccardo Bellofiore, University of Bergamo
> Distribution of Surplus between Social Classes and
> Value: a "New Interpretation"
> of the Marx - Sraffa Connection
> Stefano Perri, Università di Macerata
> Discussants:
> Robert Solow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
> Edward J. Nell, The New School for Social Research
> Gary Mongiovi, St. John's University

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