[OPE-L] The Windmills of Capitalism

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 13:24:15 EST

"The Windmills of Capitalism", a video newsreel lasting 13.32 minutes:


Also see for latest developments in Oaxaca:


"The Isthmus is in an uproar over the windfarms. They were 'rented'
by intermediaries who gave the local owners next to nothing (100 pesos
annually per hectare) and then turned around and rented the land
to the transnationals at hefty prices. These examplars of neoliberalism
are making grand profits while the local people are left behind.
Consciousness is now on the rise and the struggle to rewrite the
contracts is underway" (from zapagringo).

The development of alternative energy technologies, as can be seen
from the above,  raises important land use issues.  In the US as well,
windmills are controversial: e.g. there is a struggle over a proposal to
have offshore windmills in Nantucket Sound.  In that case, the issue
concerns not land use but the private exclusive use of areas of the sea
(a form of enclosure?).

Are there similar struggles over windmills in your area?

In solidarity, Jerry

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