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The Hidden History of 9-11-2001.
Research in Political Economy v.23, pp. 1-374

Edited by: Paul Zarembka ISBN: 0-7623-1305-6

1. What We Now Know About the Alleged 9-11 Hijackers • REVIEW ARTICLE
Pages 3-45 Jay Kolar Abstract

  Inconsistencies and contradictions in the US government's story of
hijackers and their masterminds are examined to account for what
happened on 9-11. A little-known initial FBI list of 19, scrutinized for
four names not on its final list, calls into question the FBI naming
process. We discovered 11 of the FBI-named finalists could not have been
on those planes, with 10 still alive and another's identity improvised
by a double. The Dulles videotape, essentially the government's case
that hijackers boarded the 9-11 flights, is found to have serious
problems including authentication, as does the so-called bin Laden
“confession” video.

  Were “hijackers” known to be in the US before intelligence alleges it
knew? Evidence is examined which shows that they were closely monitored
by agencies which denied this knowledge; in particular, an undercover
FBI agent lived with them the prior year.

  Noting government refusal to disclose evidence called for by
investigators, we find some pieces altered or fabricated and others
confiscated or destroyed. Other revelations point to hijackers with
national security overrides, protection in their alternate roles as drug
traffickers, and deep political connections with government elites. We
investigate patterns, reminiscent of historical intelligence
involvement, revealing the presence of a covert intelligence operation
disguised as an outside enemy attack.

2. Initiation of the 9-11 Operation, with Evidence of Insider Trading
Beforehand • REVIEW ARTICLE Pages 49-77 Paul Zarembka Abstract

  This chapter first examines evidence concerning departures of the four
flights out of Boston, D.C., and Newark, including identifications of
the aircrafts involved, some evidence regarding the flight paths, and
then the hijackings. Alleged video evidence at airports for the
hijackers themselves is examined, but found to be unacceptable.

  The fact of a conspiracy is uncontested by all. Three alternative
conspiracy possibilities regarding the planes are examined: the
‘official’ one of suicide hijackers skillfully guiding planes with
steeled determination into targets (independent of the hijackers’
identities); use of beaconing or electronic control, similar to ordinary
commercial landings, into the targets; and use of ‘drone’ airplanes. The
third alternative is not supportable at this time, but the other two are
possible explanations, not necessarily equally likely.

  The issue of insider trading before 9-11 is addressed. Publicly
available data from OptionMetrics are provided and analyzed, indicating
that many early reports were not using accurate data. Turning to an
academic study in the Journal of Business which relies upon
confidential, superior data, the findings are summarized that, indeed,
there is evidence of insider trading before 9-11 on American Airlines
and United Airlines. Larger concerns of insider trading are also
summarized. Lastly, we give brief consideration to the profits certain
capitalists make out of 9-11.

3. The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account
Cannot Be True • REVIEW ARTICLE Pages 79-122 David Ray Griffin Abstract

  I argue that the official story about the collapses of the Twin Towers
and building 7 of the World Trade Center, according to which the
collapses were caused by fire – combined, in the case of the Twin
Towers, with the effects of the airplane impacts – cannot be true, for
two major reasons. One reason is that fire has never, except allegedly
three times on 9/11, caused the total collapse of steel-frame high-rise
buildings. All (other) such collapses have been produced by the use of
explosives in the procedure known as “controlled demolition.” The other
major problem is that the collapses of all three buildings had at least
11 features that would be expected if, and only if, explosives had been

  I also show the importance of the recently released of 9/11 Oral
Histories recorded by the New York Fire Department. With regard to the
Twin Towers, many of the firefighters and medical workers said they
observed multiple explosions and other phenomena indicative of
controlled demolition. With regard to building 7, many testimonies point
to widespread foreknowledge that the building was going to collapse, and
some of the testimonies contradict the official story that this
anticipation of the building's collapse was based on objective
indications. These testimonies further strengthen the already virtually
conclusive case that all three buildings were brought down by

  I conclude by calling on the New York Times, which got the 9/11 Oral
Histories released, now to complete the task of revealing the truth
about 9/11.

4. The Military Drills on 9-11: “Bizarre Coincidence” or Something Else? •
REVIEW ARTICLE Pages 123-145 Four Arrows (aka Don Jacobs) Abstract

  Short-term military simulations of scenarios or conditions that U.S.
military personnel might meet are generally the largest, in terms of
cost and personnel, of all operational training events. That at least
six such exercises were scheduled for September 11, 2001 raises serious
questions about whether or not the events of 9/11 were at least
partially orchestrated by U.S. command.

  In light of the aforementioned military exercises and the fact that the
9/11 Commission's Final Report barely mentions them, neither were they
significantly discussed nor investigated during the hearings, this essay
briefly explores four key questions that will hopefully stimulate
further inquiries, investigations and perhaps subpoenas that will
ultimately break the silence and force declassification of the
information surrounding the war games.

  1. Has there been a high-level suppression of information about the
military drills?

  2. Might the military drills have been a significant factor in the
success of the attacks?

  3. Who was in charge of the military drills and what motives may have
been operating for this person?

  4. In what way might Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person charged in the
United States for the attacks, be a link that connects to the person in
charge of the games to another tragedy that may have been “an inside
job” – i.e. Senator Paul Wellstone's death, and how might Moussaoui
connect all of this to the Pentagon?

5. Terrorism and Statecraft: Al-Qaeda and Western Covert Operations after
the Cold War • REVIEW ARTICLE Pages 149-188 Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

  Al-Qaeda is conventionally portrayed as a monolithic, hierarchical
organization whose activities – coordinated by the network's leader
Osama bin Laden – are the source of international terrorism today.
Al-Qaeda is considered a radical tendency within the broader Islamist
Salafi movement, legitimizing its terrorist operations as a global
Islamist jihad against Western civilization. Al-Qaeda's terrorist
activity today is considered, “blowback” from long finished CIA and
western covert operations in Afghanistan.

  The conventional wisdom is demonstrably false. After the Cold War,
Western connections with al-Qaeda proliferated around the world,
challenging mainstream conceptions of al-Qaeda's identity. Western
covert operations and military – intelligence connections in strategic
regions show that “al-Qaeda” is a network whose raison d’etre and modus
operandi are inextricably embedded in a disturbing conglomerate of
international Western diplomatic, financial, military and intelligence
policies today. US, British, and Western power routinely manipulates
al-Qaeda through a complex network of state-regional and human nodes.
Such manipulation extended directly to the 9-11 hijackers, and thus to
the events of 9-11 itself.1

6. September 11 as “Machiavellian State Terror” • REVIEW ARTICLE Pages
189-221 David MacGregor Abstract

  Pyrotechnic effects and spectacular death belong to the symbolism of
terror and political assassination – bizarre techniques of
miscommunication through fear practiced on the innocent and designed to
effect social change. While focusing on the use of terror in 9-11, this
article deals with both terror and political assassination as closely
related communicative practices of death. It outlines a theory of
terrorism that suggests September 11 may be an example of expedient
terrorist destruction ordered from within the state, a macabre instance
of a state protection racket. Commentators on the left tend to see
terrorism as a blow extended by the oppressed against exploiters.
However, terrorism is much less likely to be a manifestation of a revolt
by – or on behalf of – the underprivileged than a demonstration of brute
force by the state or its agents. Machiavellian state terrorism is
terror/assassination performed for reasons different from the publicized
ones; often initiated by persons or groups other than those suspected of
the act; and – most important – secretly perpetrated by, or on behalf,
of the violated state itself. Machiavellian state terror advances the
ruling agenda, while disguising itself as the work of individuals or
groups opposed to the state's fundamental principles. As an example, the
article reviews a mysterious 1971 assassination in Paris that obliquely
foreshadows some critical elements of the official story of 9-11. The
article underlines the importance of oppositional theorizing:
questioning government and looking for connections between events are
critical features of what it means to be vitally active in the political

7. Making History: The Compromised 9-11 Commission • REVIEW ARTICLE Pages
223-260 Bryan Sacks Abstract

  Despite its stated intention to be independent, impartial and thorough,
the 9-11 Commission was none of the three. The Commission was
structurally compromised by bias-inducing connections to subjects of the
investigation, and procedurally compromised, among other reasons, by (1)
its failure to take up promising lines of inquiry and its failure to try
to force the release of key documents that were closely guarded by the
Bush administration, the FBI and various intelligence agencies; (2) its
distortion of information about pre-9-11 military preparedness,
foreknowledge of the attacks or attacks of like-kind; and (3) omissions
of information related to the funding of the plot and the specific
whereabouts of key officials on the morning of September 11, 2001.

  These structural compromises and procedural failings converged to assure
that the Commission would not challenge core elements of the “official
story” of the 9-11 attacks. This failure was compounded by the
Commission's desire to produce a final report that would read as a
“historical narrative” rather than as an exhaustive set of findings on
the critical unanswered questions that arose after the attacks. The
Commission's unquestioning acceptance of the official narrative also
meant that it missed a perhaps larger opportunity to challenge key myths
associated with American exceptionalism. Thus, the 9-11 Commission
ultimately functioned as an instrument of cultural hegemony, extending
and deepening the official version of events under the guise of
independence and impartiality.

8. Islamophobia and the “War On Terror”: The Continuing Pretext for U.S.
Imperial Conquest • REVIEW ARTICLE Pages 261-298 Diana Ralph Abstract

  The “war on terror” has nothing to do with protecting the U.S. and
world's people from “terrorists”, and everything to do with securing the
American empire abroad and muzzling democracy and human rights at home.
The 9-11 attacks were the pretext which sold the myth of evil Muslim
terrorists imminently threatening Americans. That tale allowed the
Cheney-led members of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) to
implement their 1990 DPG plan for world control. The “war on terror” is
modelled on Islamophobic stereotypes, policies, and political structures
developed by the Israeli Likkud and Bush Sr. in 1979. It is designed to
inspire popular support for U.S. wars of world conquest. To defeat this
plan, we must overcome our Islamophobic fear of “terrorists” and stand
in solidarity with Muslims.

9. The UK Pension System: The Betrayal by New Labour in its Neoliberal
Global Context • REVIEW ARTICLE Pages 301-347 Jamie Morgan Abstract

  The purpose of this paper is to explain how the current “crisis” in the
UK pension system arose. I argue that it is a result of a combination of
changes in government policy and basic instabilities always inherent in
the financial system. Policy changes increased the vulnerability of the
pension system to those instabilities. The background to these changes
and also the frame of reference in terms of which the “crisis” itself is
now phrased is broadly neoliberal. Its theoretical roots are in ideas of
the efficiency of free markets. Its policy roots are expressed in a
series of similar neoliberal policy tendencies in other capitalist
states. I further argue that neoliberal solutions to the pension crisis
simply offer more of the very matters that created the problems in the
first place. Moreover, the very terms of debate, based in markets,
financialisation of saving and individualisation of risk, disguise a
more basic debate about providing a living retirement income for all.
This is a debate that New Labour is simply not prepared to
constructively engage with in any concrete fashion.

10. Author Index • INDEX Pages 349-355

11. Subject Index • INDEX Pages 357-374

12. List of Contributors • INDEX Page vii

13. Foreword • EDITORIAL Page ix Paul Zarembka Abstract

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