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Subject: query regarding heterodoxo micro and monopoly theory

Dear Colleague,

Professor Gustavo Vargas at UNAM (National University of Mexico located in
Mexico City) is organizing his second conference on Heterodox
Microeconomics.  The theme of the conference is "monopoly theory and
praxis".  This reflects 100% increase in the prices of tortillas, sugar and
other basic foodstuffs that are brought by the majority of the population.
So if you are working on heterodox micro theory with interest in monopoly
and/or you are working on issues of market control in Mexico or similar
countries, you might want to contact Professor Vargas about attending the
conference.  His e-mail is vargassanchez@hotmail.com.

I was at the first conference and had a really good time.  UNAM is an
interesting university to visit as well as Mexico City.  Moreover the
undergraduate/graduate economics students are fun to talk with--and if you
like, Professor Vargas can arrange for you to give a series of lectures to
the students on topics of your choosing.  And then the students will invite
you out to a local student café for further discussion.

Fred Lee

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