[OPE-L] Robert Fisk fulminates about the politics of fear

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Sun Jan 28 2007 - 11:56:48 EST

"Did we really think that after we had impoverished them and destroyed so
many of their children; after a generation of Iraqis had been "physically
and morally crippled", they were going to welcome our "liberation"? From
this wreckage of Iraq was bound to come the insurgencies and the hatreds now
tearing its people apart and destroying the presidency of George W. Bush and
the prime ministership of Tony Blair.

Yet what do they tell us? They still want us to be frightened. Terror,
terror, terror. Now we have Doctor Death, our Home Secretary, telling us
that the War on Terror could last as long as the Cold War. Recently, it was
the Dowager of Fear in charge of our intelligence services who said that the
War on Terror could last "a generation". So that's 30 years? Or 60 like Dr
Death claimed? Bush claimed it might last "forever", surely an ambitious
goal for an ex- governor-executioner.

What these men know, of course, while waffling about our "values", is that
the only way to lessen the risk of attack in London or Washington is to
adopt a moral, just policy towards the Middle East. Failure to do this - and
the Blairs and the Bushes clearly have no intention of doing so - means that
we will be bombed again. And the words of Dr Death were not a warning to us.
They were not intended to prepare us for the future. They were intended to
allow him to say "told you so" when the next backpacker murders the innocent
on the London tube system. And then we will be told that we need even
harsher legislation. And we will have to be afraid.

Yes, we must fear. We must wake every morning in fear. We must bend our
entire political system into a machine of fear. Organised society must
revolve around our fear. Like the terrorologists of old - the Claire
Sterlings and Brian Croziers of this world who told us of thousands of
terrorists, "bands of professional practitioners dispensing violent death",
all trained in Cuba, North Korea, the Soviet Union or Eastern Europe - Dr
Death and Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara and former foreign secretary Jack "the
Veil" Straw (remember him?) - want us to live in fear. They want us to be

I think we should be afraid - of what we are doing to our planet. But we
should not fear our enemies in the world. They will return. Our western
occupation of so many Muslim lands have assured us of this fate. But if we
can now end our injustice in the Middle East, Dr Death's 60 years could be
over before he leaves his high office. Now there's a thought."

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