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Date: Fri Jan 26 2007 - 21:48:27 EST

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 Hi, Martin,

As I am a South Korean citizen, I am well alerted to the recent situation
of North Korea.

Talking about North Korea, all the academic wisdoms suddenly change into
silly and stupid enough persons, as they do not know how to exploit their
own logical capabilities.

One thing is evident.

Mr Kim has been following neuclear programs not secretly but openly since
after 15 years ago.

They said to USA, "We shall start a neuclear program unless USA stop
threatening us militarily"

Clinton stopped threatening and thus stoopped him persuing the program.
Bush resumed the threatening and Mr Kim also resumed the program. Kim
finally showed his neuclear capability after 6 years' noticement.

Bush disregarded Kim's announcement that neuclear weapons were already
ready. I respect highly Mr kim because he was the first person in the
histroy of warfare to have openly noticed his intent of weapon development
and he foretold a week before his own neuclear test schedule.

Unfortunately, however, nevertheless, Bush and the west have never shown
any of their logical capability against Kim's neuclear capability. This
story is very significant. It shows USA's intelligence incapabilities,
their misinformation,  their misjudgement. In the war against North Korea,
USA has already lost, I believe. They have no knowledge at all about what
their own enemy is like.

However militarily strong you are, you can lose if you have no choice.
Think about a chess, you cannot win with many solders and generals. You
will lose if the king have no choice.

In solidarity,


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