Re: [OPE-L] What Ahmadinejad actually said - lost in translation...

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Thu Jan 25 2007 - 09:34:20 EST

> This is a serious issue as it looks likely that the US and Israel
> might use this address by the Iran premier as an excuse to launch a
> nuclear attack on Iran.

Paul C:

I agree that this is a possibility, but I think it is more likely
that we are in the preliminary period when the US and Zionist
states and the media are attempting to manufacture conscent for a military
'strike' against Iran.  Nuclear weapons would be quite literally
'overkill' for such a strike and wouldn't be necessary from a strictly
military perspective but a nuclear strike would obviously be a stronger
'message' to Iran yet -- the reason I think it is less likely --
one which would probably backfire on Israel and the US to the
extent that it would rally international opposition in a way that a
conventional strike wouldn't. In any event, it _is_ a serious issue.
To a significant degree, Iran and North Korea raising the possibility of
developing a nuclear arsenal is a consequence of the Bushian Doctrine
concerning the "Axis of Evil".  Once states were labeled as "evil",
then that pushed them in that direction.

From a Marxist perspective, should we really be in favor of "nuclear
non-proliferation" if it means that the major imperialist and nuclear
powers are able to keep their arsenals?  Shouldn't oppressed
nationalities which are threatened by imperialism with nuclear weapons
have the right to self-defense?  Self-determination implies
self-defense, doesn't it?

In solidarity, Jerry

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