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Subject: Latest issue of Aspects of India's Economy

New on the website of Aspects of India's Economy

(journal of the Research Unit for Political Economy, Mumbai, India) at

<http://www.rupe-india.org/> :

A Counter-Revolution in Military Affairs?
Notes on US High-Tech Warfare
by Jacob Levich

Wired or postmodern warfare, it was widely claimed, would transform the
21st-century battlefield and assure American supremacy for generations to
come.... After several years of grueling guerrilla warfare in the Middle
East, US strategists are now re-learning the fundamental lessons of
Vietnam: that guerilla war is a political, not merely a military,
struggle; that technology, no matter how sophisticated or lethal, cannot
defeat a determined popular resistance over the long term; that resistance
fighters draw their power from the sympathies and co-operation of the
people.... A re-evaluation of the revolution in military affairs most
highly-touted weapons in light of the realities of combat reaffirms that
it is people, not armaments, that remain decisive.

Wheat Imports  A Tool for Re-Shaping India's Agriculture

... These are India's largest cereals imports in the last three decades,
and are equivalent to about nine per cent of domestic wheat production....
the wheat imports are part of a broader policy which will further degrade
India's food security and serve the interests of foreign and domestic big
capital. http://www.rupe-india.org/42/wheat.html

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