[OPE-L] 1st issue of _Affinities_ now online

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sun Jan 14 2007 - 10:34:29 EST

From: Enda Brophy 2eob@qlink.queensu.ca

The editors and editorial board of Affinities: A Journal of Radical
Theory, Culture, and Action are pleased to announce the publication
of the first issue of the journal, which is available for free access


This issue is on the theme of Autonomous Spaces, and is guest edited by
Enda Brophy. The Table of Contents and Journal Description can be found
below. Further information on the journal can be found on the site.

Table of Contents

Journal Editors' Introduction
Richard Day & Sarita Srivastava

The Voices of Autonomy
Enda Brophy

Long live temporariness: Two queer examples of autonomous spaces
B. Vanelslander

A window onto Italy's social centres
Assembled and translated by Steve Wright

On the social centres: An interview with Roberto Ciccarelli
Interviewed and translated by Enda Brophy

Recovering and recreating spaces of production: A virtual roundtable
with protagonists of Argentina's worker-recovered enterprises movement
Assembled and translated by the Toronto School of Creativity and Inquiry

Autonomous capacity building: Zapatista bases of support, radical
commercial corridors, and the battle for the horizon in the urban US
Ryan Hollon and Karen Lopez

Is slash an alternative medium? "Queer" heterotopias and the role of
autonomous media space in radical world building
Nathan Rambukkana

'Outlaw' bicycling
Chris Carlsson

Latin America's Autonomous Organizing
Marie Trigona

Journal Description

Affinities is a web-based journal that focuses on groups, movements, and
communities that set out to construct sustainable alternatives to the
racist, hetero-sexist system of liberal-capitalist nation-states. We are
interested in questions such as: What kind of experiments are out there,
beyond the state and corporate forms? How are they working, what
obstacles are they encountering? How do we build lasting culture(s) of
resistance and (re-)construction? As one of the goals of Affinities is to
acknowledge and strengthen the links that exist between academic,
activist, and artistic communities, we are committed to publishing
academic and
activist writing, as well as other forms of radical cultural production.

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