[OPE-L] Saddam Hussein’s Final Letter

From: Dogan Goecmen (Dogangoecmen@AOL.COM)
Date: Sun Dec 31 2006 - 05:10:32 EST

December 29, 2006

In the past, I was, as you all know, in the  battlefield of jihad and

God, exalted by He, wished that I  face the same again in the same manner and
the same spirit in which we were  before the revolution but with a problem
that is greater and  harsher.

Oh beloved, this harsh situation, which we and our great Iraq  are facing, is
a new lesson and a new trial for the people by which to be  judged, each
depending on their intention, so that it becomes an identifier  before God
and the people in the present and after our current situation  becomes a
glorious history.

It is, above all, the foundation upon  which the success of the future phases
of history can be built.

In  this situation and in no other, the veritable are the honest and faithful
and  the opposing are the false.

When the insignificant people use the power  given to them by the foreigners
to oppress their own people, they are but  worthless and lowly. In our
country only good must result from what we are  experiencing.

To the great nation, to the people of our country, and  humanity: Many of you
have known the writer of this letter to be faithful,  honest, caring for
others, wise, of sound judgment, just, decisive, careful  with the wealth of
the people and the state… and that his heart is big enough  to embrace all
without discrimination.

His heart aches for the poor  and he does not rest until he helps in
improving their condition and attends  to their needs.

His heart contains all his people and his nation, and he  craves to be honest
and faithful without differentiating between his people  except on the basis
of their efforts, efficiency, and  patriotism.


Here I am speaking today in your name and  for your eyes and the eyes of our
nation and the eyes of the just, the people  of the truth, wherever their
banner is hoisted.

You have known your  brother and leader very well and he never bowed to the
despots and, in  accordance with the wishes of those who loved him, remained
a sword and a  banner.

This is how you want your brother, son or leader to be… and those  who will
lead you (in the future) should have the same  qualifications.

Here, I offer my soul to God as a sacrifice, and if He  wants, He will send
it to heaven with the martyrs, or, He will postpone that…  so let us be
patient and depend on Him against the unjust nations.

In  spite of all the difficulties and the storms which we and Iraq had to
face,  before and after the revolution, God the Almighty did not want death
for  Saddam Hussein.

But if He wants it this time, it (Saddam’s life) is His  creation. He created
it and He protected it until now.

Thus, by its  martyrdom, He will be bringing glory to a faithful soul, for
there were souls  that were younger than Saddam Hussein that had departed and
had taken this  path before him. If He wants it martyred, we thank Him and
offer Him  gratitude, before and after.

'The enemies’

The enemies of your  country, the invaders and the Persians, found that your
unity stands as a  barrier between them and your enslavement.

They planted and grounded  their hateful old and new wedge between you.

The strangers who are  carrying the Iraqi citizenship, whose hearts are empty
or filled with the  hatred that was planted in them by Iran, responded to it,
but how wrong they  were to think that they could divide the noble among our
people, weaken your  determination, and fill the hearts of the sons of the
nation with hatred  against each other, instead of against their true enemies
that will lead them  in one direction to fight under the banner of God is
great: The great flag of  the people and the nation.

Remember that God has enabled you to become an  example of love, forgiveness
and brotherly co-existence…

I call on you  not to hate because hate does not leave a space for a person
to be fair and  it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking and keeps
away one from  balanced thinking and making the right choice …

I also call on you not to  hate the peoples of the other countries that
attacked us and differentiate  between the decision-makers and peoples…


Anyone who  repents - whether in Iraq or abroad - you must forgive him…

You should  know that among the aggressors, there are people who support your
struggle  against the invaders, and some of them volunteered for the legal
defence of  prisoners, including Saddam Hussein…

Some of these people wept profusely  when they said goodbye to me…

Dear faithful people, I say goodbye to you,  but I will be with the merciful
God who helps those who take refuge in him  and who will never disappoint any
faithful, honest believer… God is Great…  God is great… Long live our nation…
Long live our great struggling  people…

Long live Iraq, long live Iraq… Long live Palestine… Long live  jihad and the

Saddam Hussein President and Commander in  Chief of the Iraqi Mujahid Armed

[Additional note:]

I  have written this letter because the lawyers told me that the so-  called
criminal court - established and named by the invaders - will allow  the
so-called defendants the chance for a last word.

But that court  and its chief judge did not give us the chance to say a word,
and issued its  verdict without explanation and read out the sentence -
dictated by the  invaders - without presenting the evidence.

I wanted the people to know  this.

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