Re: [OPE-L] Chavez: President of Turkey?

From: Dogan Goecmen (Dogangoecmen@AOL.COM)
Date: Fri Dec 29 2006 - 07:00:13 EST

Jerry, nothing like that. The discussion about who should become Turkey's  
next president is more than 1 year old. The debate truns not only around the  
question, who should be the next president of Turkey, but also aound the  
question who should elect the president. In Turkey it is the parliament that  elects 
the president. Now BIANET people went out in the streets and asked people  in 
the streets who would your candidate if you were to elect the president.  So 
people had not to choose between some already determined candidates but they  
had to say who is their favourite candiate. Chavez was one of the few names  
refered to by the people. Some of the people asked said sponteniously: *I wish  
Hugo Chavez could become Turkey's president.*
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Who were the choices?  For  instance, were they asked whether
they prefer Hugo Chavez Frias or  Sheikh Sayyed Hassan 
Nasrallah?  Or, could they pick  Subcommandante Marcos?
In solidarity,  Jerry


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