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Aggiornamenti- updates del sito

Gabriel Kolko, An economy of buccaneers and fantasists

Douglas Herman, 11 settembre: quanti sono i responsabili?

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/analisi/usa/505.pdf> David H.
Autor, Lawrence F. Katz, Melissa S. Kearney, The Polarization of the U.S.
Labor Market

<http://www.countdownnet.info/articoli/analisi/fatti_misfatti/506.pdf>  C.
Parenti, Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/analisi/Europa/507.pdf>  J. Adams,
H. Al-Madfai,  R. Thomas, The Production and Presentation of Statistics of
Unemployment. Comparability Issues

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/teoria/508.pdf>  Paresh
Chattopadhyay, On Ben Seymour

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/teoria/509.pdf>  Marcello Musto,
Odiessea e nuove prospettive dell'opera di Marx

Mariano Féliz, Pablo Chena, Cyclical crisis of capitalist development in
the periphery. A reading from Argentina

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/analisi/altro/511.pdf>  Angela
Joya, Economic Liberalization and Reform in Syria: 1970-2005

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/analisi/usa/512.pdf>  Kim Moody,
Harvest of Empire: Immigrant Workers in the United States

Alan Freeman, In our lifetime: long-run growth and polarisation since
financial liberalisation

<http://www.countdownnet.info/articoli/analisi/China/514.pdf>  Thomas G.
Rawski, Immiserizing Growth

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/teoria/515.pdf> David Camfield, The
Multitude and the Kangaroo: A Critique of Hardt and Negri’s Theory of
Immaterial Labour

Pioneering Study Shows Richest Two Percent Own Half World Wealth

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/analisi/Europa/517.pdf>  M. Ufuk
Tutan, The West German and the USA Economies between 1960 and 1990 in
Comparative Perspective

<http://www.countdownnet.info/articoli/analisi/China/518.pdf>  Thomas G.
Rawski, Lillian M. Li, Chinese History in Economic Perspective

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