[OPE-L] "Land, Rain, Fire: Report from Oaxaca" is now online

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sun Dec 17 2006 - 19:55:54 EST

I saw Tami Gold's and  Gerard Renique's "Land, Rain, Fire" in the Spring
when it was shown as part of the "Labor Goes to the Movies" monthly film
series sponsored by a union I (and David L and Tony T) beelong to, the
Professional Staff Congress (PSC). I recommend it highly and now it's
available *FREE ONLINE* (at a website of a group that I am a member of).
This movie is even more important now then when I saw it. It is a fast
moving and fluid situation now in Oaxaca.  The lives of so many people
(inside and outside of Oaxaca and Mexico) will be affected by the outcome
of that struggle aggainst a repressive state and for autonomy.

The 30 minute "Land, Rain, Fire: Report From Oaxaca" film that Tami Gold
and Gerardo Renique made is now available in it's entirety on the homepage
of <http://www.friendsofbradwill.org>

There is a description of the film at the end of the following message.
The stuff in the middle should only be of interest to the few listmembers
who live in or near New York City.

In solidarity, Jerry

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From:    "Tami Gold" <tamigold@mindspring.com>
Date:    Sun, December 17, 2006 11:03 am
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LAND, RAIN & FIRE REPORT FROM OAXACA (Tami Gold & Gerardo Renique) and
videos produced by Oaxaca's media collective MAL de OJO (EVIL EYE) will be
cablecast the following days:

Thursday, December 28th at 8 PM on channel 34
Wednesday, January 17th at 8 PM on channel 34
Monday, January 29th at 7:30 PM on channel 56

Report from Oaxaca
30 minutes Video
Through personal testimonials this video examines the origins of social
discontent in Oaxaca and documents its transformation into a pacific
democratic insurgency. What began as a teachersı strike on May 22, 2006
for better wages and more resources for students has erupted into a
massive movement for profound social change in the state of Oaxaca,
Mexico. LAND, RAIN AND FIRE tells the story of the police attack on the
morning of June 14th when more than fifty thousand teachers were camped
out with their children.  Dozens were hospitalized.  But the attack
backfired as public anger transformed the strike into an unprecedented
democratic insurgency, demanding the resignation of the Governor and the
creation of a new constitution.  Hundreds of unions, indigenous and
womenıs organizations, neighborhood groups, students and professional
associations came together and created APPO - The Popular Assembly of the
Peopleıs of Oaxaca and a massive campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience
has brought the state government to a standstill.
Part of the Call for Change Series
Third World Newsreel
 For Educational Purchase contact
(212) 947-9277

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