[OPE-L] David L's Review of David L's new book

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sat Dec 16 2006 - 16:00:39 EST

On OPE-L -- as David L knows --  we have no rule against self-
promotion.  Indeed, I think it's highly desirable for listmembers
to inform us about their latest projects.  *Deep History* is
David's 3rd book, I think.  Note, especially, the paragraph that
begins "Naturally ...".

The title of Chapter 3 reminds me of the title of a book edited by
Jesse Schwartz -- *The Subtle Anatomy of Capitalism* (1977, Goodyear
Publishing Company).  This makes me wonder:  is the anatomy of
capitalism more elusive than subtle or vice versa?

In solidarity, Jerry

Dear Friends,

        I know it is authorally incorrect to review one’s own book!  Don’t
worry:the *real* reviewers will soon have their say!

        But I *do* want you to know that my book -- *Deep History: A Study in
Social Evolution and Human Potential* -- has just made its appearance,
from SUNY Press (see their website, sunypress.edu).  The book seeks to
redevelop the core themes of historical materialism, with sections on the
general theory of social development (two chapters), capitalism (three
chapters), and socialism/communism  (two chapters).  There are no
equations or quantitative diagrams; just some “conceptual geometry”
figures that I have developed to support and focus the various arguments.
 The book is transdisciplinary, and should be both accessible and useful
in courses in history, economics, political science, sociology,
anthropology, and philosophy.  It is solidly grounded in the Marxist
tradition, but also (I hope) makes creative contributions to the advance
of that tradition.  What I *try* to do in the book is sorely needed in
these neoliberal, TINA times!  (How well I succeed is, of course, for
others to say.)

        Naturally I would like people to buy the book: hardcover, listed at
$65.00. But an inexpensive paperback is planned, and SUNY Press would
like to know what the classroom potential is.  *If* you are a college
teacher, and if you *might* want to adopt the book in the near future, I
would appreciate your letting them know of that interest; contact Michael
Rinella at the Press (michael.rinella@sunypress.edu).  Let’s not build a
pressure campaign; don’t do this unless there is a reasonable prospect of
your actually coming through.  Also, ask them for examination copies.
Propose and write book reviews.   Etc.   Table of contents is reproduced

        Many thanks.

        In solidarity,

        David Laibman


Deep History
A Study in Social Evolution and Human Potential


SUNY Press, Albany, NY, 2007.  Pp. xiii, 224.


PART I: The General Theory of Social Evolution

        Chapter 1:  Agency, Causality and History

        Chapter 2: Transition to Capitalism: The PF¯PR Model
        and Alternatives

PART II: Capitalism: Structure, Logic, Stadiality

        Chapter 3: The Elusive Anatomy of Capitalist Society

        Chapter 4: The Logic of Capitalism: Growth and Crisis

        Chapter 5: A Stadial Model of the Capitalist Era

PART III: Beyond Capitalism: An Envisioned Future

        Chapter 6: Socialism: Beyond Capital, Beyond Class

        Chapter 7: The Soviet Experience and the Theory of
        Full Communism



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