Re: [OPE-L] Remembering September 11th

From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 15:26:22 EST

>Joan Jara, the british wife to the great chilean composer Victor Jara,
>assassinated I think in the very National Stadium, wrote a beautifull book
>called Canção Inacabada (I guess in English it 
>might be Unfininished Song) which
>portrays the cultural revolution that was going 
>on in the poblaciones (=barrios
>in Venezuela, favelas in Brasil) among other things. Worth reading. Also there
>is a wonderful movie trilogy about the period 
>under Salvador Allende all the way
>to the coup de etat. But the name escapes me right now. Worth seeing and
>learning from experience!

Thank you for these recommendations. I was just 
talking with someone about the word experience, 
and your sentence made me think  about Walter 
Benjamin who tried to understand why experience 
so often finds itself eroded in modernity while 
our experiences seem to be shock like, 
titillating, exciting outside of any kind of 

Benjamin tried to understand this dichotomy of 
experience which he marked as the difference 
between Erfahrung and Erlebnis.

Michael Eldred surely knows much about Benjamin's 
critique of Ernst Junger's celebration of 

In his Songs of Experience Martin Jay (I am being 
told) relates how Benjamin was once deeply 
troubled and hopeful about the erosion of 

But one question we have is what  traumatic 
authoritarian dictatorships have meant for the 
erosion of Erfahrung.


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