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From: Dogan Goecmen (Dogangoecmen@AOL.COM)
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 18:13:19 EST

you mean my wonderful old friend Robert Owen, right? I have older Friends  
who are equally important in tis matter. Thank you. Another passage by Marx is  
in Karl Marx in the Deutsche-Brüsseler Zeitung. Moralising Criticism and  
Critical Morality, A Contribution to German Cultural History, Contra Karl  
Heinzen, Deutsche-Brüsseler-Zeitung No. 90, November 11, 1847: 
*Any development, whatever its substance may  be, can be represented as a 
series of different stages of development that are  connected in such a way that 
one forms the negation of the other. If,  for example, a people develops from 
absolute monarchy to constitutional  monarchy, it negates its former political 
being. In no sphere can one  undergo a development without negating one’s 
previous mode of existence.* 
See: _ 
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Don't forget the following citation from Engels which  refers
to your old friend:

" >
In solidarity,  Jerry


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