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From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 13:32:37 EST

>Here's a little background on that speech. A number of Rosales
>supporters were looking to go immediately into the streets crying
>fraud (and indeed had black t-shirts produced in advance saying this,
>posters, etc).

We should be talking about the Mexican election too!
Yours, Rakesh

>At the election headquarters, they tried to rally the
>troops around the call, 'to the streets' with a few incendiary
>speeches. Rosales and Petkoff and a few other leaders were battling
>against them, calling for cool and even talking about the cooperation
>they'd had from the army in correcting some problems that emerged
>yesterday. The hots were against Rosales using the word 'concede', so
>his concession speech was really a delicate dance between two
>factions of the opposition--- there was something there for all. What
>was really significant, it seemed from here, was his declaration that
>he was now the leader of the opposition--- ie., the old parties out
>and him as the only unifying force. How this plays out will be
>interesting. BTW, one of the leaders behind the plan to reproduce the
>Ukraine model flew off to Miami right before the election.
>         michael
>At 11:10 04/12/2006, jerry wrote:
>>The right-wing candidate, Manuel Rosales, in his concession
>>speech has already given an indication of what the "Plan B"
>>(or maybe I should say "Plan C" or "Plan D" or ...) tactic will
>>>   The opposition candidate told supporters that he will remain in the
>>>  streets, "struggling for the people of Venezuela."
>>>              "I want to announce to the people of Venezuela that today we
>>>  are beginning the struggle for the construction of a new
>>time for
>>>  Venezuela. and I won't stop there, from today on I will be in the
>>>  streets," said Rosales to huge applause.
>>>              "The results of the CNE are not the what they say they are,"
>>>  continued Rosales, "The margin of difference is smaller,
>>so I'm going to > continue in the streets, struggling for
>>the people of Venezuela,
>>>  struggling for democracy, with liberty which we present."
>>>              "The truth is that even with a closer margin, we recognize
>>>  that today they defeated us, but we will stay in the struggle, in the
>>>  fight, we will stay in the streets," said Rosales
>>Oh, btw, he also said the right-wing will stay in the streets.
>>This strikes me as more ominous than innocent.  I am reminded of
>>the street demonstrations -- coordinated and paid for by the CIA --
>>which preceded the 1973 coup in Chile.
>>Or is it just bluster, the last reactionary exhale of an increasingly
>>marginalized bourgeois politician?
>>In solidarity, Jerry
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