[OPE-L] [Re: [OPE-L] official results

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 10:10:14 EST

The right-wing candidate, Manuel Rosales, in his concession
speech has already given an indication of what the "Plan B"
(or maybe I should say "Plan C" or "Plan D" or ...) tactic will

>  The opposition candidate told supporters that he will remain in the
> streets, "struggling for the people of Venezuela."
>             "I want to announce to the people of Venezuela that today we
> are beginning the struggle for the construction of a new
time for
> Venezuela. and I won't stop there, from today on I will be in the
> streets," said Rosales to huge applause.
>             "The results of the CNE are not the what they say they are,"
> continued Rosales, "The margin of difference is smaller,
so I'm going to > continue in the streets, struggling for
the people of Venezuela,
> struggling for democracy, with liberty which we present."
>             "The truth is that even with a closer margin, we recognize
> that today they defeated us, but we will stay in the struggle, in the
> fight, we will stay in the streets," said Rosales

Oh, btw, he also said the right-wing will stay in the streets.

This strikes me as more ominous than innocent.  I am reminded of
the street demonstrations -- coordinated and paid for by the CIA --
which preceded the 1973 coup in Chile.

Or is it just bluster, the last reactionary exhale of an increasingly
marginalized bourgeois politician?

In solidarity, Jerry

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