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Date: Sat Dec 02 2006 - 13:32:19 EST

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Subject: Re: [OPE-L] compromise
From:    "Rakesh Bhandari" <>
Date:    Sat, December 2, 2006 12:31 pm

Moderator,Please forward if I won't be expelled for it. Rakesh

Please let's not bring Socrates into this discussion, Jurriaan!

I must be  careful,  so  I shall only speak allusively to your public
request to me that I show respect and appreciation for the moderator.
I shall not flame as all must not.  Suffice to say, we simply have
different conception of what to think about the threads on TSS and
the COPE journal, the vampire analogy, sociobiology and unfree labor,
and the Chavez regime (hi Michael Leobowitz, I'm back!)

We also have different estimation of the respect shown for the
Advisory Committee, the importance of rotation of tasks every decade
or so, the way this list was created in the first seven years, etc.

Of course I cannot say more or I'll be expelled without the
authorization of the AC.

Yours, Rakesh

>Hi Rakesh,
>Frankly I do not know, though I could find out.
>I was referring to Jerry's important role over the years in hosting,
>moderating and inspiring a community of scholars who have different points
>of view, and engage in a kind of Socratic dialogue about the legacy of Marx
>& Engels, on-list and off-list (including conferences).
>I realise it is technically quite easy for an academic to jack up an
>Internet mailing list, but it is another thing to stimulate and maintain
>good discussions on that list which do not simply preach to the converted,
>which people find interesting, and which encourage a kind of participation
>with honorable motives that does not degenerate into flaming, rancour and
>animosity. It requires a basic mutual respect.
>Marx's concept of the "forces and relations of production" is rooted in the
>idea that humans are creatures who both "create and relate". Undoubtedly the
>creative aspect has a purely technical component to it. But beyond technical
>relations between producer and product, there are also social and
>communicative relations to consider. And in reality humans can hardly create
>without relating, and relate without creating. For creativity to flourish,
>it is important to be mindful of how we relate.

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