Re: [OPE-L] SV: [OPE-L] what is irrational in the functioning of capitalism?

From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2006 - 19:33:25 EST

Rakesh, We are so far apart I wouldn't no where to start.  The founder of
Walmart empire-built. In fact somewhere I heard that he drove around in a
relatively old car.

The object of capital is to control as much surplus value as possible.
His/her personal choice thereafter regarding how much to use for luxury
consumption is just that, but a capitalist who likes luxury consumption too
much is violating his/her social function and that is NOT virtue.  That's
in Marx, but I don't feel like finding the exact passage in 'Conversion of
Surplus Value into Capital'.


--On Wednesday, November 29, 2006 2:10 PM -0800 Rakesh Bhandari
<bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU> wrote:

> We also know that the capitalist will not accumulate if
> it means that he must forgo luxury consumption as such. He may of
> course restrain from overindulgence in order to make investments to
> maintain over time a luxury fund or even to increase of the fund. But
> the imperative of accumulation won't be allowed to diminish his fund
> for luxury consumption in real terms over time....

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