Re: [OPE-L] compromise

From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2006 - 09:32:48 EST

>I want to stres that I am very happy of this 
>compromise. I value very much Rakesh's 
>contributions, as well as Jerry's and his role 
>as coordinator.
>Point 2) seem to me the ABC of the ethics of 
>conversation, but weel, ok, let's repeat it ..

To me that point is more like a a fabulated 
letter imposed on the real alphabet .

To me there are other keys to the ethics of 
conversation--honest use of evidence, avoidance 
of straw men, open acceptance of the persuasive 
arguments and existence of interlocutors, concern 
that your positions will not needlessly injure in 
an ad hominem manner the deliberative capacities 
of the more vulnerable, recognition of the 
effects of the social and (in this case) academic 
field on the differential power of the 
conversants, an attempt to think through the very 
complicated relationship between emotion and 
logic, the provision of actual publically 
comprehensible reasons for one's judgements.


>At 16:16 -0500 28-11-2006, ope-admin@RICARDO.ECN.WFU.EDU wrote:
>>As a consequence of off-list exchanges, Rakesh agreed to the following:
>>1) He --like all other subscribers -- will respect the list rule against
>>flames, i.e. personal abuse.
>>2) If any subscribers *explicitly* state (as I have done re Rakesh) that
>>they do not wish to engage someone in discussion nor have that person
>>refer to what they have written or even refer to them by name or innuendo,
>>then the listmember will respect her/his/their wishes and not harass
>>It is our hope that with the above agreement, our discussions can
>>focus more on issues of substance rather than procedure.
>>In solidarity, Jerry
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