[OPE-L] David Schweickart presenting 'Ecomonic Democracy' theory in Venezuela

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Date: Mon Nov 27 2006 - 21:18:21 EST

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Subject: [URPE] David Schweickart presenting 'Ecomonic Democracy' theory

 In conjunction with the release of a Venezuelan edition of *Derecho a
Decidir: Propuestas para el socialismo del siglo XXI,* the contributors, Al
Campbell, Paul Cockshott and Allin Cottrell, Robin Hahnel, David Laibman and
myself, were invited to Caracas to discuss our proposals.  My own
contribution to the collection was an essay published in 1992, with a 2005
postscript.  I spoke in Caracas, at the Centro Internacional Miranda on
October 21.  Carl Davidson recently circulated a portion of my remarks.  The
whole paper can be found at
http://www.solidarityeconomy.net/category/after-capitalism.  It's the third
article down, posted October 25, 2006.

 --David Schweickart

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