Re: [OPE-L] On flaming

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Mon Nov 27 2006 - 06:11:02 EST

At 17:05 +1100 26-11-2006, Nicola Taylor wrote:
>Jerry, I regularly read your posts which I continue to
>find informative and thoughtful, at times a welcome
>challenge to my own ideas.  I guess it's a hazard of
>unmoderated lists that some members will not
>appreciate the expression of views that conflict with
>their own, but instead CONSISTENTLY use the list to
>distort the arguments of other members. Imho, one is
>not obliged to defend oneself against such nonsense.
>Further, in my experience, the best way to deal with
>unwanted correspondence and/or harassment is to mark a
>repeat offender's email address as "spam".  My browser
>automatically deletes Rakesh's contributions before
>they enter my mailbox. In short, I uphold his right to
>express any opinion that he wishes to express; at the
>same time I exercise a choice neither to read nor talk
>to him.
>In solidarity

I agree 95%.

I SOMETIMES read Rakesh's posts. And find them useful and enlightening.

But most of the time, after having read a couple of lines, I delete them.

I think Nicky's suggestion that the best policy 
is to ignore who consistently use the list to 
distort the arguments of other members is the 
most brilliant and efficient in these cases.


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