[OPE-L] Vignettes of army life

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Thu Nov 23 2006 - 15:35:43 EST

"I went there with the wrong attitude and I thought I understood Iraq and
the history because I had seen PowerPoint slides, but I really didn't."

- Major Mike Sullivan, advisor to three infantry companies in the Iraqi

"The thing the Army institutionally is still struggling to learn is that the
most important thing we do in counterinsurgency is building host-nation
institutions, yet all our organizations are designed around the least
important line of operations: combat operations."

- Lt. Col. Paul Yingling, a staff officer with the 3rd Armored Cavalry
Regiment in Iraq in 2005 and 2006 who worked with Iraqi units.


Oliver's army is here to stay
Oliver's army are on their way
And I would rather be anywhere else
But here today

- Elvis Costello, Oliver's Army

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