[OPE-L] A Different Marx?

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Date: Mon Nov 20 2006 - 09:53:01 EST

(Excerpted from Heterodox Economics Newsletter-35, By: Frederic S. Lee)

      A Different Marx. The Utopia-Free Scientist

      Un altro Marx. Lo scienziato liberato dall’utopia, Guido Carandini

      20067, pp. 216
      140x210 mm

      There were two Karl Marxes. The first was the notorious prophet of
the communist utopia and the imminent collapse of capitalism. The
second was the almost entirely unknown social scientist who, on the
contrary, subordinated the birth of a superior model of society to
the global distribution of wealth. Liberating Marx the scientist
from Marx the utopian, his theory is reconfirmed as the most
in-depth analysis to date of the capitalist movements that for five
centuries have conquered the world through commerce, science and
violence. And this explains why the impetuous development of
profit-led wealth also generates extreme forms of inequality,
violent conflicts and environmental devastation. The world
population of one and a half billion in Marx’s time has since
exploded to six billion, of which half are in the grip of poverty
and hunger. With such an unjustly divided humanity, ripped asunder
by religious conflict, what would be the price to pay for the
fulfilment of the Marxian prophecy of universal capitalism?

      Guido Carandini is a former lecturer in History and Economics and a
member of the PCI (Italian Comunist Party) between 1976 and 1982).
Besides numerous studies and articles on politics and economic
theory, he has published: Lavoro e capitale nella teoria di Marx
(19783), La struttura economica della società nelle opere di Marx
(19782) and, for Laterza, Il nuovo e il futuro (1990).

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