[OPE-L] Analyzing the Socioeconomic Consequences of Rising Inequality in China

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Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 34, Iss. 4, 2006

  Journal of Comparative Economics

  Volume 34, Issue 4,  Pages 649-860 (December 2006)
  Analyzing the Socioeconomic Consequences of Rising Inequality in China

  Edited by Guanghua Wan and Xiaobo Zhang

  Editorial Board
  Publisher's Note

  Rising inequality in China
  Pages 651-653
  Guanghua Wan and Xiaobo Zhang

  The inequality growth nexus in the short and long run: Empirical
  evidence from China
  Pages 654-667
  Guanghua Wan, Ming Lu and Zhao Chen

  Income, income inequality, and health: Evidence from China
  Pages 668-693
  Hongbin Li and Yi Zhu

  The impact of growth and inequality on rural poverty in China
  Pages 694-712
  Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan

  Fiscal decentralization and political centralization in China:
  Implications for growth and inequality
  Pages 713-726
  Xiaobo Zhang


  Exchange rate volatility and regime change: A Visegrad comparison
  Pages 727-753
  Evžen Kocenda and Juraj Valachy

  Ethnic conflict and economic disparity: Serbians and Albanians in Kosovo
  Pages 754-773
  Sumon Kumar Bhaumik, Ira N. Gang and Myeong-Su Yun

  Foreign bank participation and access to credit across firms in
  developing countries
  Pages 774-795
  George R.G. Clarke, Robert Cull and María Soledad Martínez Pería

  CEO turnover, firm performance, and enterprise reform in China:
  Evidence from micro data
  Pages 796-817
  Takao Kato and Cheryl Long

  Industrial development in the inland region of China: A case study of
  the motorcycle industry
  Pages 818-838
  Tetsushi Sonobe, Dinghuan Hu and Keijiro Otsuka

  Corruption and cross-border investment by multinational firms
  Pages 839-856
  Shih-Ying Wu

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