[OPE-L] RRPE Call for Papers on Financialization of Global Capitalism

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The Financialization of Global Capitalism: Analysis, Critiques, and

We are seeking paper submissions for a special issue of the Review of
 Radical Political Economics that addresses the role of finance capital
 in the era of globalization. We are interested in papers on the
 following general themes: a) the rise to power of finance capitalists;
 b) how the resulting changes in the balance of power between social
 classes impacts the laws of motion of capitalism with particular
 emphasis on accumulation and crises; c) the (in)compatibility of the
 goals/objectives of finance capitalists with those of industrial
 capitalists, particularly in a period of increased international
 competition; d) the impact of any finance-induced macroeconomic changes
 on labor and the environment; e) the financialization of productive
 capital, and f) the influence of finance capitalists on domestic and
 foreign policy formation.

Examples of specific topics of interest that would be welcomed include:

1) The impact of the increased power of owners, investors, and their
financial intermediaries on real investment and growth.

2) On the micro level, the rise to power of financial executives within
the corporation and their impact on corporate governance and strategic
decision making.

3) The role of the ascendant financial sector in generating increased
inequality; the role of finance in causing generalized wage repression,
reduction, and elimination of private pension benefits, and increased
debtor defaults.

4) The increased role of finance in government and central banking
institutions, especially with regard to interest rate policies and the
gutting of social safety nets in the form of social wages and social

5) General analysis of the role of the new  global finance capital,  and
especially its center, in fostering neo-imperialist policies including
the impact of the new financialization on military and security spending.

6) Finance and the  new rentier capitalism  as it effects dividend
payouts, stock market and real estate bubbles.

7) The role of finance in fostering non-sustainable production of
commodifiable consumer goods and long-term environmental destruction.

8) The effect of the new  privatization of risk  that has been promoted
and implemented by global and national financial sectors and the effect
of this on macroeconomic instability, recessions, and  accumulation by

9) The new resurgent power of finance: a viable resurgence of capitalist
class power or a destructive rentier restoration that will ultimately
undermine global capitalism.

Please send four copies of submissions for the special issue by December
2007 to Hazel Dayton Gunn, Managing Editor, Review of Radical Political
Economics, Department of City and Regional Planning, 106 W. Sibley Hall,
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA, phone: 315/789-1414; e-mail:
hg18@cornell.edu .

Submissions must follow the instructions to contributors listed in the
back of the journal and available on our website:
http://www.urpe.org/rrpehome.html . All submissions are subject to the
RRPE s usual review procedures.

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