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Date: Tue Nov 14 2006 - 13:54:21 EST

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-----UrsprӤ1ngliche Nachricht-----
Betreff: WAPE Documents!!!

Dear Professors,

I'm sorry for missending the previous email yesterday. Please find in the
attachment the final documents of WAPE(abbr. for World Association for
Political Economy, a revised name of previous WPES) and we will appreciate
your every effort to recruit more firm Marxist Economists as WAPE members!

Our website (www.wape2006.org) is under construction and I will inform you
of its operation.

Wish everyone healthy and happy!

Yours sincerely,

Allen Ding(Ding Xiaoqin)
Deputy Secretary General of WAPE
Assistant Director of Marxism Research Institute,
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


Dear Professors,

The 2nd Forum of the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE), on "The
Political Economy of the Contemporary Relationship between Labor and Capital
in the World" is to be held on October 27-28, 2007 at the University of
Shimane, Japan, we are sincerely calling papers from you and inviting you to
attend our conference. About the details, please see the attached file. And
please forward this information to other economists you can get into contact
with.  Thank you for your effort!

World Association for Political Economy

WAPE [2006] No.5

Call for Papers
The 2nd Forum of the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE), on The
Political Economy of the Contemporary Relationship between Labor and Capital
in the World To be held on October 27-28, 2007 at the University of Shimane,

l About WAPE
WAPE, registered at Hong Kong, China, is an international academic
organization founded on open, non-profit and voluntary basis by Marxian
economists and related groups all around the world. The standing body of
WAPE includes the council, secretariat, academic committee and advisory
committee. The mission of WAPE is to utilize modern Marxian economics to
analyze and study the world economy, reveal the law of development and its
mechanism, offer proper policies to promote the economic and social
improvement on the national and global level, so as to improve the welfare
of all the people in the world. In April, 2006, over one hundred Marxian
economists from 15 countries, namely, China, the U.S.A., Japan, Russia,
Germany, the U.K., France, Canada, Austria, Belgium, South Korea, Vietnam,
India, Israel, and Luxemburg attended the 1st forum of WAPE to discuss on
the topic ?”ćEconomic Globalization and Modern Marxian Economics?”Ą and
delivered The Manifesto of the 1st forum of WAPE.

l The Topics of the 2nd Forum of WAPE
1. The general evolution of the modern relationship between labor and
capital and its characteristics in the contemporary era.
2. The history, current character, and trend in the relationship
between labor and capital in different countries.
3. The theory and practice of labor movement and trade union movement.
4. The main theories of the relationship between labor and capital and
class struggle in the history of Marxism.
5. Review of the theories of class, stratum, and class contradiction of
bourgeois economics and other social sciences.
6. The theoretical analysis of the relationship between labor and
capital, class, stratum and their contradictions in modern Marxian
7. The construction and development of modern Marxian labor economics.
8. Imperialism and peace movement in the world.

l Schedule
1. Registration on October 26, 2007;
2. Official program on October 27 through October 28, 2007;
3. Excursion of Hiroshima on October 29, 2007. (Hiroshima, where atomic
bomb was dropped, is very near to Shimane.)

l Venue
The University of Shimane, Japan.

l Expenses
All the expenses during the conference such as travel, lodging, excursion
and conference fee, which includes food and drinks, pick-up service, the
publication of the papers and so on, will be covered by the participants.

l Submission of Papers
Please email your application, the full text of your paper on the above
topics together with its shortened version of about 3000 words in English
and your curriculum vitae (including your affiliation, list of published
papers, contacting information and so on) before June 30, 2007 to hpjjx@vip.
163.com (Dr. Xiaoqin Ding/Allen Ding, deputy secretary general of WAPE), and
we will send you our formal invitation.
Marxian economists all over the world are welcome to the forum and are
supposed to cooperate with each other to enlarge and strengthen the
influence of Marxian economics in the world!

The WAPE Secretariat
September, 2006

Yours sincerely,
Xiaoqin Ding/Allen Ding
The WAPE Secretariat

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