[OPE-L] A question on literature concerning "hoards" in Volume 2 of Capital

From: Hanno Pahl (hanno.pahl@UNI-BIELEFELD.DE)
Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 17:35:45 EST

Dear members of OPE-L,

I have a question concerning literature on the Marxian treatment of "hoards"
in Volume II of Capital. The only texts on this subject I know are by (OPE-L
list member?) Martha Campbell and by Makoto Itoh/Costas Lapavitsas. Most
other literature on Volume 2 refers - as far as I can see - to the schemes
of reproduction and is focussed more on quantitative aspects than on
questions concerning "form-analysis". Martha Campbell (1998: 130) argues -
among other things - "that the hoards required for the circulation of
capital are the source of funds in the credit system (the banking system and
stock and bond markets)". The later is addressed in Volume III. Of course,
Marx knows about the historical antecedence of hoard-building, but it is his
argument - and this concerns to the logic of his methodological approach -
that they are a necessary outcome of the circulation of capital (as
discussed in Volume II).

So I would be glad if anyone knows some literature on Volume II that
addresses these aspects (or aspects on form-analysis in general) and could
tell me.

Thanks in advance,

Hanno Pahl

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