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New Title
The Economics of Global Turbulence
Robert Brenner 

Praise for the original New Left Review article:


‘A brilliant economic overview of the world’s current economic state.’ The Nation


‘Here, at last – something good out of the left.’ Wall Street Journal


For years, the discipline of economics has been moving steadily away from the real world towards formalized axioms and mathematical models with only a precarious bearing on actuality. Commentators seek to fill the gap as best they can, but in the absence of real background scholarship, journalism is vulnerable to the myopias of fashion and 

immediacy. The deeper enigmas of post-war development remain in either case largely untouched.


Bringing together the strengths of both the economist and the historian, Robert Brenner rises to the challenge. In this commanding survey of the world economy from 1950 to the present, a revised and newly introduced edition of his acclaimed New Left Review special report, he charts the turbulent post-war history of the global system and unearths the mechanisms of over-production and over-competition which lie behind its long-term crisis since the early 1970s. He thereby demonstrates the thoroughly systematic factors behind wage repression, high unemployment and unequal development, and raises disturbing and far-reaching questions about the global economy’s future trajectory.


Praise for The Boom and the Bubble:


“The best financial history of the period yet.” Jeff Madrick, New York Times


“Those pondering whether skidding share prices herald The Big One ought to turn for enlightenment to the latest production of Robert Brenner.” Dan Atkinson, The Guardian

AUTHOR: Robert Brenner is Professor of History and Director of the Center for Social Theory and Comparative History at UCLA. He is the author of The Boom and the Bubble: The US in the World Economy and Merchants and Revolution.

* Title: The Economics of Global Turbulence
* Author: Robert Brenner 
* Publication: 28th August 2006
* Binding: Hardback 
* ISBN: 1-85984-730-7
* Price: £25/ $35 / $45.50CAN


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