Re: [OPE-L] David Schweickart presenting 'Economic Democracy' theory in Venezuela

From: Ian Hunt (ian.hunt@FLINDERS.EDU.AU)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2006 - 04:06:47 EDT

Why should we panic? We should not presume what will be forms of
transition to socialism or what will be the final mix of economic
relations in a society in which the direct producers engage own their
means of production and engage in free cooperation. If we don't
presume any of that, we can only welcome discussion of a well worked
out idea like 'economic democracy' and any other contenders for
emancipating economic relations,

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>>[Chicago's David Schweickart, Philosophy, Loyola, is in Venezuela, invited
>>to present his theory of 'Economic Democracy' as a market socialist
>>alternative for the 21st Century that is in tune with global justice,
>>paticipatory democracy and Karl Marx's orginal ideas as well.
>         Don't panic, folks! There is no special significance re a
>market socialist path in Venezuela. I invited David S on behalf of
>Centro Internacional Miranda as director of our Socialism for the
>21st Century programme. The occasion is our publication of a
>Venezuelan edition of a Spanish book drawn from Science & Society
>essays. Among the other collaborators are Al Campbell (who was here
>teaching in the School of Planning and gave a talk on 6 October),
>Robin Hahnel and ope-l denizen David Laibman (who arrive tomorrow
>night and speak on Saturday) and joint authors and ope-l folks Allyn
>Cottrell and Paul Cockshott (neither of them able to come on this
>occasion). In this group, David S is actually the outlier.
>         Among events in the works in this programme for next year
>are visits by Marty Hart-Landsberg and (ope-l lurker) Paul Burkett.
>More immediately, upcoming CIM events include a dialogue between
>Chomsky and a group of Venezuelan intellectuals, a 3 day
>international conference on communal banks, a book launch of the
>Venezuelan edition of my "Build it Now: Socialism for the 21st
>Century' and a working meeting on the Bank of the South (which will
>include Eric Toussaint and, hopefully, lurker Claudio Katz)--- all
>this, incidentally by mid-November.
>         One of these days our website will finally fly!
>                 in solidarity,
>                 michael
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