[OPE-L] Imperialism, Intellectual Networks, and Environmental Change

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Wed Oct 25 2006 - 08:34:08 EDT

Part One of this article from _Economic and Political Weekly_
(10 pages long, PDF format)is attached.  Part II will appear
in the next issue. Summary below. / In solidarity, Jerry

     VOLUME 41  NO 41 October 14 , 2006
       Imperialism, Intellectual Networks, and Environmental Change
          The intellectual origins of environmental history can be traced
to the encounter of 17th and 18th century western Europeans with
the very unfamiliar environments of the tropics. Between the
mid-19th and the mid-20th century, the discipline developed
primarily in the form of "historical geography". A new phase of
global environment history began with European decolonisation
from the 1950s onwards. The imminence of a nuclear catastrophe
and pesticide pollution stimulated the rise of a worldwide and
populist environmental movement that reached full fruition in
the 1970s. The first of this two-part article looks at the
origins of the discipline.

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