[OPE-L] Quote du jour

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Tue Oct 24 2006 - 12:08:05 EDT

The NYT quotes Zalmay Khalilzad, the United States ambassador to Iraq, at a
news conference today in Baghdad:

"Iraq's people are the principle victim of this war."

The spelling error makes the point.

It is obviously unlikely that the foreign troops will leave anytime soon,
but it is just as unlikely that the violence will stop anytime soon. For one
thing, there are just too many privately held firearms and explosives in
Iraq. Even if you persuade 95 out of a 100 people not to take violent
action, it takes only 5 individuals to continue it. Even with the best
intentions and resources, Casey most probably cannot stop it.

Meantime, Dr David Rush, a professor and epidemiologist at Tufts University
in Boston,] speaking at a meeting in Los Angeles on the medical consequences
of the Iraq war, said that the relatively small size of the sample in
the new Lancet study - 1,849 households - widened the confidence limits,
hence the large range of the estimated excess deaths on either side of the
median. In addition, Rush claimed response bias would tend to undercount,
rather than inflate, the number of deaths (?)

Michael Intriligator, professor of economics at the
University of California at Los Angeles, also backed the finding. "I think
this is an extremely credible study," he said. In addition to violence,
death rates in Iraq are on the rise because of threats to public health,
including poorly equipped hospitals, said activist Dr Dahlia Wasfi. Jonathan
Parfrey, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of Physicians for
Social Responsibility, said: "The effects on the civilian population of the
war in Iraq have been grossly underestimated."

A quote from Dahlia Wasfi: "The ones missing in action are the American
people. As I've already described, in a country of... 300 million, we have
only 2 political parties, neither one of which represents the people. They
work for mega-corporate interests, who as we and the rest of the world know
are continually profiting from the devastation of war."

A capital investment is a capital investment, and you obviously don't let go
of the prize so easily...


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