[OPE-L] Horizontalism, Autonomy and Robert Owen

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sun Oct 22 2006 - 08:23:54 EDT

> Dogan, I wish you the best utopia you can handle, of course. But I am
> not much good as a discussant on this topic because my interest in this
> area is more in what realistic alternatives there are, and in improving
> my own life.

Hi Jurriaan, Dogan and others:

If you wish to discuss "realistic alternatives" and still discuss
Utopianism, perhaps you could focus on some contemporary developments
such as the autonomous social movements in Chiapas and Argentina.
Each in its own way is an example of autonomous communities.  Just as
Utopian communities in the 19th Century had to deal with some of the
realities of being surrounded by capitalism, so too these communities
had to arrive at practices  which took into account some practical
realities, e.g. to make products, some of which are sold on markets
outside of the "zone" or the communities of workers at "taken" factory
spacies.  Haven't these communities had some horizontalist experience
of addressing these practical issues and yet preserving solidarity
and their emancipatory thrust?

In solidarity, Jerry

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