[OPE-L] About Lenin's Tomb

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 20:09:54 EDT

Hi Phil:

Prompted by your last post, I visited Lenin's Tomb today.

Lenin (recall the thread from this time last year) identifies
himself as an "undead contributor".  Other Leninists include 'bat020',
'Meaders', Mark Elf, China and 'Bionoc'.

Somehow I think it's fitting that Lenin is from Northern Ireland.

Lenin's taste in fiction, comedy, political theory, philosophy, and
history has evolved over the years (see below).  Curiously, instead of
re- reading Hegel's _Science of Logic_ he now appreciates Zizek and

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: I remember reading a story in _Dissent_ decades ago which claimed
that Lenin's body wasn't buried in Lenin's tomb.  I think it was a
Social Democratic urban myth, though.  Even if untrue it was an
imaginative and gory tale, though,

PPS: on an unrelated note (except insofar as it also involves a "where
are they now?" kind of question), former subscribers to the old
marxism list (no relation to marxmail) may remember a high school
student named Charlotte Kates.  Well, I met Charlotte a number of times
in the last year and am happy to report that she is still politically
active (nowadays, most especially, in Al Awda -- the Palestinian Right
to Return Coalition) and is now -- having graduated from Rutgers Law
School and passed the bar exam -- a practicing attorney.

Favourite novelists, poets, playwrights etc: Oscar Wilde; Ken Kesey;
Christopher Fowler; Will Self; David Hare; Tony Kushner; John Guare;
Stephen Adly Guirgis; Edward Bond; Dario Fo; Stephen Poliakoff; Stephen
Fry; Gore Vidal; Philip Roth; Joe Orton; Bret Easton Ellis; EM Forster;
Joseph Heller; Salman Rushdie; F Scott Fitzgerald; Dorothy Parker; Irvine
Welsh; Andre Gide; Jane Austen; Graham Greene.

Favourite comedians: Bill Hicks; Woody Allen; Chris Morris; Chris Rock;
Eddie Murphy; Lenny Bruce; Mort Sahl; Barry Humphries; Jack Dee; Rob
Newman; David Cross; Mark Steel; Mark Thomas.

Favourite political/social/philosphical/literary/historical theorists:
Slavoj Zizek; Ellen Meiksins Wood; Robert Brenner; Benno Teschke; Franco
Moretti; Alain Badiou; Ernesto Laclau; Anthony Giddens (circa 1980s); Alex
Callinicos; Terry Eagleton; David Harvey; Foucault; Perry Anderson; Samir
Amin; Jaqueline Rose; bell hooks; Gramsci; Gregory Elliot; Alistair
MacIntyre; Martti Koskenniemi; Edward Said; Partha Chatterjee; Gayatri
Chakravorty Spivak; Peter Gowan; Noam Chomsky; Aime Cesaire.

Favourite historians: Eric Hobsbawm; Christopher Hill; Robin Blackburn;
Fernand Braudel; James Holstun; Hanna Batatu; Neil Davidson; Ian Kershaw;
Moshe Lewin; Ilan Pappe; Avi Shlaim; David Hirst; George Rude; Dilip Hiro;
Howard Zinn; Nora Carlin; EP Thompson; Norman Finkelstein; Charles Tripp;
Manning Marable.

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