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Date: Mon Oct 16 2006 - 21:27:32 EDT

It is in our genes?

On Mon, 2006-10-16 at 21:03 -0400, Jerry Levy wrote:
>  The Metaphysics of Capital
> Nicholas Ruiz III
>  ISBN: 097899020X
>  Release date: intertheory press, November 1, 2006
>  available at amazon
>  Product Description
> "A history of Capital, like a history of religion, reflects little more than
> the current fashion in historical time. A metaphysics of Capital, derived
> from the preponderance of a capitalizing bare life, supports the idea that
> Capital has no birth, but is eternally complicit with life, the only
> variance being, the way in which we define Capital. Capital, that is, the
> coining of the term--is not synonymous with its inception, or more
> saliently, there is no immaculate conception of Capital. Like the genetic
> Code, our identification of it did not make it so; make it exist, as it
> were. Evidently, unlike God, the Code preceded our conception of it.
> Ironically, like God, the Code must capitalize upon an environment in order
> to survive. In other words, Capital is a currency of the Code"
>  About the Author
> Nicholas Ruiz III was born in New York City. He teaches bioethics, ethics
> and critical thought in the department of Humanities at Kaplan University.
> He is also the editor of Kritikos.
>  Nicholas Ruiz III, Ph.D.
> Editor, Kritikos

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